Home Care Tips February 5, 2023

Winterproof Your Home

Winterproof your home before the squall hits

When a winter storm hits, the snow, ice and high winds can damage your home if you’re not prepared. Below are a few things around your house you may want to consider winterproofing.

Frozen pipes: Expanding ice exerts a force that can burst open the joints and the pipes themselves. Once it thaws, you’ll have messy leaks and even flooding to clean up. Reduce the risk of freezing pipes by insulating any interior walls adjacent to the pipework. In the event of a power outage, turn on the water to a slow trickle to keep the pipes from freezing completely.

Ice dams: When snow and ice accumulate on your roof and in the gutters, ice dams can form, creating a place for the melting snow and ice to collect. The resulting icicles and shingle damage can create unwanted leaks and headaches. To prevent ice dams, remove leaves and other debris that collects in the gutters each fall and spring. After a heavy snowfall, go around the perimeter of the house with a snow rake to open space for snowmelt to flow.

Power outage: Losing access to power and heat can set you in a scramble to keep your family warm and fed, particularly if it goes on for several days. Prepare for outages by building an emergency kit — plenty of canned food, flashlights, batteries and blankets. Investing in emergency backups provides a means to prepare food, stay warm and keep your family safe.

Bottom line: Be prepared so you can avoid unwanted damage to your home when fierce winter weather hits.