Home Sellers February 6, 2024

Boost Your Home’s Value with Simple Security Updates


Want to make your home more appealing to buyers? Consider this: The average price per square foot of a home with at least one security feature ($270.49) is almost $38 more than that of a home without security features ($232.67), according to industry research.


So, while you prep your house for sale with painting, deep cleaning, decluttering and staging, you may also want to evaluate your home for potential gaps in security — and perhaps even command a higher selling price with a simple update or two. Updating your home with security features can indeed boost its value and appeal to potential buyers. Here are some easy-to-implement security options along with explanations of how they enhance property value:


1. **Door and Window Sensors**: Installing door and window sensors as part of an alarm system can make homeowners feel safer. Research shows that having a security system can deter theft, with a significant percentage of would-be burglars avoiding properties with visible security measures. This added layer of protection can increase the perceived value of your home.


2. **Doorbell Camera**: Package theft is a common concern among residents, and a doorbell camera that captures doorstep activity can address this issue. With a high percentage of people worried about package theft, having a doorbell camera can be a compelling feature for potential buyers, enhancing the security and appeal of your home.


3. **Keyless Entry**: Smart locks offer a convenient and secure way to manage entryways, eliminating the need for traditional keys. This feature allows homeowners to grant access to family members, service providers, and visitors remotely. The convenience and enhanced security provided by keyless entry systems can contribute to a higher perceived value of the property.


Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the manuals and access codes for these security features are kept in a safe place for an easy hand-off to the buyer. This demonstrates professionalism and provides peace of mind to the new homeowners, further enhancing the overall value of the property.


By incorporating these simple security updates into your home, you can not only increase its appeal to potential buyers but also potentially command a higher selling price. These features offer peace of mind, convenience, and enhanced security, making your home more desirable in today’s real estate market.