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Home Sellers Boost Your Home’s Value with Simple Security Updates   Want to make your home more appealing to buyers? Consider this: The average price per square foot of a home with at least one security feature ($270.49) is almost $38 more than that of a home without security features ($232.67), according to industry research.   So, while you prep your house for sale with […]
Home Sellers 4 Things in Your House that Turn Off Potential Buyers 4 Things in Your House that Turn Off Potential Buyers They say love is blind, but we’d argue that familiarity is also a powerful force in making us blissfully ignorant of the less-appealing features of our abodes. To get ready for showings, use our advice to help you overcome these blind spots. 1. That weird odor […]
Home Sellers Strategies to Sell Your Home and Buy Another Home in a Seller’s Market Are you considering selling your home and buying another home in a seller’s market? We are currently experiencing a seller’s market where there are more buyers than available homes for sale. This results in a situation where the demand for homes exceeds the supply, which can lead to increased competition among buyers and rising home […]
Home Sellers Should you Update or Not Before Selling?  
Home Buyers How to Prepare for the Spring Selling Season How to Prepare for Spring Selling Season Spring is believed to be the busiest season of the year in the real estate market. For sellers, listing in the spring provides an opportunity to take advantage of the notable increase in buyer demand. As for buyers, there’s much more inventory to select from in the spring. […]
Home Sellers Is it worth your money to hire a stager? Research: Is it worth your money to hire a stager? As you prepare to sell your home, you might debate whether to hire a stager who can make it look on-trend and ultra-appealing for prospective buyers. Advocates say an effective stager can make a huge difference in how customers perceive your home, since they know […]
Home Sellers 3 Things Buyers Really Want Set the stage with these three essentials Getting ready to put your house on the market? You’ll want to make it as appealing as possible for today’s buyer. Here are three must-haves to include in your preparations. Home office space Now that a high percentage of knowledge workers are telecommuting at least a few days […]
Home Sellers Projects That Could Lower the Value of Your Home   In 2020, homeowners throughout the U.S. spent upwards of $420 billion on remodels and renovations for their homes. A commonly held belief is that nearly all projects will increase a home’s resale value. The truth is that there are numerous home improvement projects that could wind up decreasing your home’s value.   Instant Carpeting If your […]
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