Home Sellers February 5, 2023

Budget Projects to Transform the Look of Your Home

Budget projects that transform the look of your home

Whether you’re preparing to move into a new home, or looking to zhuzh things up before you sell, try one of these high-impact projects that are easy on the wallet.

Fresh Paint

A new color story is transformative. Each hue in the color wheel catches the light differently, altering the look and feel of a room. Once you’re done, you’ll feel extra motivated to tackle other improvements. Plus, the right paint can add value to the home.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a touch of sophistication and polish to the room. Because it draws the eye to the ceiling, it has an enlarging effect. Tip: Add a chair rail and you can create a two-toned room!

Build a Laundry Center

Adding a counter and shelving units brings order and much-needed storage to cluttered up washer-dryer spaces.

New Faucets

The gleam of on-trend metals catches the light and instantly modernizes the bath or kitchen. It’s one of those super simple fixes with high returns. Take it a step further and add new cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

Add Storage

Shelves, pullouts and racks for closets, mud rooms and cabinets add functional elements while lending a sense of order to a space.

Bottom line: These small projects offer a big payoff without breaking the bank!