Home Sellers August 5, 2023

4 Things in Your House that Turn Off Potential Buyers

4 Things in Your House that Turn Off Potential Buyers

They say love is blind, but we’d argue that familiarity is also a powerful force in making us blissfully ignorant of the less-appealing features of our abodes. To get ready for showings, use our advice to help you overcome these blind spots.

1. That weird odor

We all become desensitized to the scents in our environment. Make sure your home passes the smell test by bringing in a trusted friend for a tour, especially if you’re a smoker, own pets or have experienced moisture issues.

2. Cluttered, crowded spaces

Less is more when it comes to house showings. Even if you have already pared down your belongings, we strongly recommend a second round of culling to make the place open, airy and inviting. Clear out:
  • Countertop appliances
  • Personal items and photos
  • Storage spaces, including basements, attics and closets
  • Excess furniture

3. Outdated fixtures and appliances

Sure, your 25-year-old appliances are still going like the Energizer bunny. But buyers want move-in ready. Your vintage-era home will make them dread the long list of expensive updates.

4. Lack of natural lighting

Good lighting elevates any room in the house. Replace sheer panels and drapes with less obstructive window treatments. Give all windows and screens a good cleaning and keep blinds and shades open for the showing.