Home Sellers February 5, 2023

Crank Up the Cozy for Winter Showings

Crank up the cozy vibes for heart-warming winter showings

Want to make your home stand out during a slower selling season? When readying your place for showings, play up the positive side of winter.

Clean sidewalks, curbs and driveways

Keeping your sidewalks and driveway immaculately clean of ice and snow is the equivalent of rolling out the red carpet for a winter house showing.

Create an easy entry

Properly stage your entrance to accommodate snowy boots and heavy coats. Provide extra-large, super-absorbent mats along with a coat tree for a frictionless entrance and less tracking.

Evoke emotion with scent

Reach those core childhood memories with a welcoming winter aroma. Keep refrigerated dough on hand to whip up a batch of fresh-baked cookies just before the showing. For an extra warm touch, set up a hot cider station.

Set the stage for winter nesting

Sell your home’s cozy potential with a few well-placed accessories. Drape a furry throw on the arm of the couch. Stack a few bestsellers on the side table. If you have a hearth, get a fire going.

Inspect the place for drafts

Find and fix any cold spots in your home. Replace the weather stripping, install window draft stoppers and insulate and seal the outlets.

Run the humidifier

Combat dry winter air by maintaining a home humidity level of 40-55%. (Tip: If condensation starts collecting on the windows, it’s probably set too high.)


Set the perfect temperature

A thermostat setting of 72 degrees Fahrenheit will keep everyone comfortable — and keep their minds off feeling chilly!